Born in the wilds of Borneo, RI, to a world that both feared & desired him, Marc was tapped by a higher power (Satan) to assemble a crack team of like minded jack-asses. Through tough love, he shaped his ragtag team of misfits into the anti-terrorist unit known as B-Minus Comiks. Born on the island of the Amazons in Boston Harbor and raised as a warrior princess, A.K. teamed up with B-Minus to make the world a more craptastic place. As an ambassador to the world of men, A.K. spends much of her time transmogrifying crap into gold. Obviously, the cutest of the B-Minus crew, Aaron constantly fusses over his hair, makeup, and wardrobe. When he isn't being a princess, Aaron enjoys tantric art therapy and only draws comics when the seventh moon of jupiter aligns with uranus. You may call him sir.
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